Caught Dreams Dream Catcher ~ Handmade Traditional Black, White & Silver 8.5" Diameter 22" Long!

Product Descriptions

Add this stunning piece to your collection today.

  • 100% hand made dream catcher made by local artisans in the mountains north of Ubud, Bali using the traditional design from Native Americans.
  • This dreamcatcher will protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams while letting positive dreams pass through. Read the reviews - they actually work!
  • This dreamcatcher is highly recommended, not cheaply made or flimsy and looks much better in person than the photo!
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Our handmade dream catcher was created from black cotton string which was wrapped around each of the 5 hoops which make up this traditional shape. The silver string was used to weave the web inside each circle and beads were added before the free range feathers in natural colors finished off this gorgeous dreamcatcher which measures 8.5" diameter across largest hoop and 22" long.
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