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I had been selling dream catchers for several years in my gift shop and during that time had received feedback from customers in relation to how surprised and thrilled they were that these items had actually made a huge difference to the sleeping patterns of their children. Customers would call in to let me know that their son or daughter was now sleeping peacefully and had no signs of anymore bad dreams since they had hung the dream catcher in the bedroom! Receiving positive feedback about a product we sold was very rewarding, however this took on a whole new meaning when my youngest son ( 4 years old at the time) had been having nightmares regularly which not only was distressing for him but it meant lack of sleep for me while trying to comfort and cuddle him until he would again fall asleep. I should have thought of the dream catchers earlier... and on the day I thought about the comments about customers children and grandchildren now sleeping peacefully, I chose a blue dreamcatcher to take home and hang above my son's bed. I was surprised that after many nights of disturbed sleep for both of us, my son slept through the night and was eager to tell me the next morning that he had no bad dreams that night! This might have been a fluke,  but as the nights and weeks passed without bad dreams...we stopped questioning the how and why and accepted that these magical symbols made from string, beads and feathers had changed our life... Today we have been selling dream catchers for over 15 years and our hope and dream is for others to sleep peacefully and enjoy the good dreams! Sweet dreams,  Tanya  

The Caught Dreams team have been supplying Australia & New Zealand with our stunning handmade dreamcatchers for around 15 years. Now, we have a new shipping location in United States to service our customers located in the US.  


All free orders will generally be shipped USPS, UPS or FedEx.

Tracking information will be supplied when possible. This will apply to all orders.


Returns accepted within 14 days of customer receiving item(s).

Customer pays return shipping always except;

If item has been damaged during shipping process.

If the wrong product was shipped.

If we sent the item to an address that was not specified.


We do offer exchanges if you change your mind or you purchased the item as a gift.

Return shipping costs will be at the expense of the customer always. 

Any questions please contact us here with any enquiries. 

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